• RARA超高精薄膜电阻MFM0204


    10ppm / °C Melf style
    Thin film
    MFM series

    This range of surface mount melf style thin film resistors is available in a broad selection of tolerances and temperature

    • 100Ω - 10MΩ
    • 1/4W – 1/2W
    • 0.1% - 1%


    Type Power @ 70°C L D
    MFM 0204 0.25 W 3。5 ± 0。2 1.4 ± 0.15
    MFM 0207 0。5 W 5。9 ± 0。2 2.2 ± 0.2
    Resistance range 100Ω - 10MΩ
    Tolerance: 0.1% - 1%
    Temperature Coefficient: 10ppm/°C – 50ppm/°C
    Load life: 2%, @ 70°C per 1000 hours
    Short time overload: 2.5 x power rating for 5 secs.
    Operating temp. range: -55°C – 155°C

    SUPPLIED ON 2,000 OR 3,000PC REELS以上产品信息由深圳华丰科技hawk提供,严禁复制!
    区域经理:蒿先生,分机107 ,l5Ol943llO2,
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    Thin film vs thick film –the advantages gained by using thin film resistors Thin film chip resistors use Ni-Cr film as the resistance material. By utilising a sputtering process, a very thin Ni-Cr film of less than 1μm thickness is deposited on an aluminium oxide substrate under vacuum conditions. Ni-Cr materials are then applied on the substrate as
    conducting electrodes.
    In contrast, thick film resistors normally use RuO2 as the resistance material and PdAg for the electrodes. These materials are mixed with a glass-based material to form a paste for printing on the substrate. The thickness of the printing material is usually 12μm. By using a metal film as the resistance material thin film resistors are able to provide a very low temperature co-efficient, much lower current noise and small non-linearity.
    Both thin film and thick film resistors use laser trimming to make the fine adjustments of resistance value during the manufacturing process. However, heat generated during laser trimming often causes micro-cracks on a thick film resistor containing glass-based materials and, therefore, affects the product stability.
    Alternatively, thin film resistors need less laser power (one third of that needed for thick film resistors) and contain no glass-based materials.
    This prevents micro-cracking during laser trimming and improves the stability of thin film resistors.


    Type of resistor Thin film Thick film
    Resistance material pure metal film glass paste
    Standard precision ±0。1% ±1%
      ±0.5% ±5%
    Normal minimum    
    TCR (ppm/˚C) ±25 ±100-250
    Stability excellent fair
    Current noise excellent fair
    3rd harmonic stress excellent good
    Price fair low
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